Consciousness LAB

Consciousness LAB is a space that evokes the presence of your Consciousness. It inspires you to be aware of your own Consciousness without filters. It brings you a little closer to your Lightbody and the New Earth within you.

What is it about? How does it work?

Consciousness LAB are two quantum emails that you will receive every week, on Monday and Thursday at 9.00 am (Spain time), with a kind of meditation or merabh (non-linear and non-mental energy movement), between 400 and 600 words, to start the day in contact with your own Consciousness. It is like a written satsang between you and me that will push you to open yourself to the new, to see the door of the new with more clarity.

This is a free email-chemy service that will last the months of December 2023 and January 2024. 16 emails in total. After this, maybe it will disappear forever or maybe it will become a monthly payment service for those who want to walk with me towards New Energy, more permanently. And if you have been in during these two months, you will have a good discount on the membership.

What do you have to do to receive the Consciousness LAB quantum emails during these two months?

Well, subscribe for free in the following form, leaving your name (without last name) and your email. And you will be inside the LAB. If you arrive late and want to read the previous LAB emails, you will have a link and a password to read them in each of the new emails you receive.

If you decide to subscribe, I’ll see you in your inbox! There is no permanence or obligation. You can unsubscribe whenever you want.

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